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Friday, 10 December 2010

Ella Cole

When you take children out for a location shoot, there are so many things that could go wrong...tears, weather, camera shy etc etc, but today was just incredible!! Little Ella couldn't get enough of throwing leaves in the air, and giggling and the weather was one of those gorgeous Autumn days you love as a photographer!!

Lizzy (Ella's mum), and I really enjoyed the faces she was pulling at us, and the fact that she kept chasing me with her leaves! It was then back to theirs to take photos of her in the cutest little ballerina outfit, her mum just adores watching her trying to tie the laces at the front, just gorgeous ...amazing shoot, and an amazing little girl! x

Collecting her ammo!

Curiosity got the better of Ella!

No-one was safe!!

That hat was on and off through the whole shoot, she did so well to keep it on so long :0)

Lots of love for mummy!

Naughty raspberries (well, if you can't do them in the park...where can you do them!!)

She takes time to pose even while chasing Mum!!

...too tired.

Such lovely concentration :0)