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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Whistle Jacket

Whistle Jacket...how can I describe these boys Jorge and Obi? We've been friends for years and had MANY songwriting/recording sessions with them as I'm a songwriter myself and headed up the band Blush for 6 years which they were heavily involved with writing for. I was so excited to take shots for their upcoming solo project...we had such a laugh and I've never giggled so hard at the amount of attention they got in the subway...they've now got loads of new fans...especially the older ladies who just love these boys!! These photos are a snippet of what we did that day, and I would highly recommend you look out for their music which will be released soon!

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  1. Awesome boyz l am amazed at how cool you guyz look.Keep Strong, Stay COOL.Greatness Awaits.