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Friday, 8 April 2011

Marc & Charlotte Wedding-Alnwick Garden

This was my first wedding of 2011...I was a bit nervous as there are so many things to think about at a wedding, and you want to capture the images that will allow the Bride & Groom to relive the day over and over.  I needn't have worried, I loved every moment of it...cried at least twice, and had to massage my jaw from smiling so much (I'm sure it's the bride who's supposed to do this hehe!) I think you will agree from the images below that this is a couple who are completely relaxed with each other, utterly gorgeous, and very good at choosing wedding venues! (..this one blew myself and my assistant Katy away).  If you enjoy the images, please write a quick comment, it's lovely for the family to see how much people enjoyed the day that they so carefully put together!
The treehouse at Alnwick Garden, Northumbria. SO much fun!!

The Groom and his brothers, a great bit of posing in amongst the nerves!!

...and the gorgeous bridesmaids!!

Charlotte has such a beautiful relationship with her Dad which was evident from the moment they got out of the car and she held onto his hand, to when they sat together on the bench and shared a very special Father to daughter moment, it brought a tear to my eye as I have a wonderful relationship with my Dad, and remembered back to how proud he was of me on my special day!

..and so the service began, Marc was nervous, but much more excited to see his gorgeous wife to be!

Image by Katy Lunsford (spot the rival photographer behind Marc heehee!)

Thanks to Katy Lunsford for the lovely caught moments above and below through the service...not many dry eyes by the end of it!

I loved seeing both brothers and Dad all taking photos of the couple, very proud family!

A very loved and precious Mum above and Grandad below.

We were a little spoilt for locations to take the newly weds off for some time on their own, I love this time out as they have time to breathe, and enjoy a moment alone together before the rest of the day, I think you'll agree they made very good models! 

I was giving the ushers some hints on how to pose.."let's have you all with hands in pockets" my mistake...I didn't specify whose pockets their hands should be in!!!!

Beautiful images of the confetti from Katy Lunsford!

The speeches..we were spoiled, they were emotional, funny, moving, everything you'd want all rolled into one!

And the final image by Katy Lunsford who grabbed a final shot while I was packing up the car ready to drive the 3 and a half hours home...worth every mile! 

I want to thank you Marc and Charlotte, and all the family and friends who welcomed us into the wedding party with open arms, Katy and I truly loved every moment and wish you every happiness in the coming years!
Lucy x


  1. The most fabulous wedding shots I have ever seen - I shall treasure them forever!
    Precious Mother of the Bride! Alison x

  2. These are fabulous Lucy! What an awesome day - thanks for having me! x

  3. Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing photographs Lucy. Great memories of an awesome day. x