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Monday, 4 November 2013

Joel and Evangeline's Inglewood Manor wedding.

This wedding was incredibly memorable for a few major reasons. Firstly, Joel is the brother of a very good friend of mine, secondly, the engagement shoot in Liverpool was SO much fun and produced so many photos I struggled to choose between that I knew it would be a fab wedding, thirdly, it was at the gorgeous venue Inglewood Manor that I'd heard loads of times by the fabulous Liam Crawley that it was a great place so I was desperate to shoot a wedding there and finally, Joel and his brothers and sister had very recently lost their beautiful Mother, Carol, to cancer so emotions were high but it was truly an honour to be invited in on such a special day to be able to record the incredible highs and lows and deep love shared. I can honestly say there was not a dry eye in the room when she was spoken of and also so much joy as she was remembered. I was assisted by the amazing Hannah Dornford May who took some gorgeous shots throughout the day and helped me not to fall apart crying, thank-you Hannah!

Below are photos of the day that summed up for me what it was all about...hope you enjoy looking through!

A couple of my favourite photos of the day...and taken by Hannah! :)

I think you will have to agree that this was a beautiful wedding with so much thought and care gone into every details; the sun shined, the church and venue were gorgeous, the food was delicious...nothing more you could ask for really! 

Lucy x