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Thursday, 24 March 2011

David & Rachel's pre-wedding shoot...

So, how much fun can you have in a smelly, muddy old warehouse where the ceiling is pretty much collapsing on your head, a few big tubs of paint and a gorgeous, loved up couple?! If you have a look at these pre-wedding shots below you'll see! 

Dave and Rachel have some fab bright colours in their wedding theme, so decided to keep it running through the pre-wedding photos (and they've used one of the images as their invite, but I'm not going to reveal which one yet!!), so they came armed with big bright lollies and paint and just went crazy.. They were freezing and covered by the end of it, but we definitely got some original, and, I think, amazing shots! I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

 I should have known this would all go downhill..cheeky!

 Some would say this is their best angle ;)

These gorgeous ceramic hearts are a little keep sake they both carry around to remind them of each other (although naughty David is on his second one!!) We all wanted to get these photographed, and kept the bright colour theme going with the nails!

These shots below show the state of the building, but the dirtier the better in the world of photography!

I love trying these different shots and think David looks great as a little toy groom!

There was a hole in the wall which framed these 2 perfectly... 

Then the fun really began!!!

I'm very much looking forward to this wedding, a day filled with colour and fun! x


  1. haha. Great shots with the paint. Brilliant!

    Most stunning photos.
    My heart is melting
    i want to eat them
    Oh I am so excited for this wedding.
    WELL DONE Lucy, so gorgeous!
    LOVE love LURRRRVE xxxx

  3. Love this Lucy! What a great couple to work with. They look like they had so much fun :)

  4. Love love LOVE these images! So fun and vibrant and unique and creative, especially the paint. The first one with LOVE on the wall is amazing. Now you've really set the expectations high for the wedding photos!!

  5. Actually I meant the kissing one - but the others are cool too ;)

  6. Lucy,

    Great images. You've got a SERIOUSLY game couple. Make full use of it on the wedding day and be sure to post the results.

    Lovely to meet you again at the Jorgensen show the other day.

    Best wishes,

  7. Wow - amazing photos Lucy. Love the paint ones, looks like great fun!!!

  8. Thanks so much guys...I feel spoilt to be able to photograph their wedding!! I've got an insight to all the things they've got planned too...gorgeous and exciting! :D

  9. Paula Holmes Waddacor25 March 2011 at 19:24

    Fantastic Pics Lucy. It amazes me how my sis still manages to look fantastic and beautiful when covered in paint. Cant wait for the Wedding. xx

  10. great 'love' graffiti shot and the ones through the hole in the wall! All the colours from the lollies to the paint, they'll work so well as a set in an album.

  11. Ahh so happy for Straff and Rachel, these are really good photos, really really nice colours and awesome lighting.

    What camera do you use?

  12. I'm not usually one for a girlie squeal but woweeee these are brilliant! Talk about capturing fun on a photoshoot - these have me smiling so much!

  13. YAYYY!!! So glad everyone likes them! Thanks so much Lucy! We had so much fun! Bring on the wedding!!!!!!!! Lets rock it :)

  14. Nice selection of shots!

  15. What a great shoot, it looks like you all had a ball...cool location too (I guess only a photographer would say that about a derelict building!)

  16. these are absolutely fantastic!