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Monday, 17 January 2011

Some of my fav wedding shots of 2010!

 Listen to this song while you look through some of my favourite wedding pictures from 2010. Music in the background inspired by Rosie Hardy... enjoy x

The lovely Jon & Hannah! I travelled to Stevenage to photograph this wedding and had a blast...the groomsmen were so fun and up for trying out anything. The reception was in the most gorgeous converted barn with spacious grounds and a gorgeous little lake surrounded by plants, so romantic. There was only a minor hiccup when the wedding dress got caught in the spokes of the horse & carriage, but I say minor because Hannah took it all in her stride and tasted the delicious canapes whilst having the skirt sewn back together...perfect job done and the sweet themed meal continued!

They just couldn't get the jumping right and what resulted were some of my favourite Groom, best man and ushers shots ever with this lot! Keep looking through for more fun!

This face says it all...his beautiful bride deserves this reaction!

Totally shocked us when he first did this, but we couldn't stop laughing when we realised which finger he was using!!!

The paparazzi were out...

Hand cut butterfly confetti...what gorgeous friends!

So much thought had gone into all the table themes and favors, it was a lovely idea!

When my cousin Simon asked me to take their wedding photos I felt so privileged..it's a big thing to trust to anyone, so I was very excited to be able to capture the day for them.  They didn't want any formals and had a couple shoot with my cousin Jane Adlem who's also a photographer and is fantastic and capturing couples and children in natural lighting, so it was a real family affair! We had all kinds of delicious food to choose from, then waffles, syrup and sweets for dessert, I made sure I got over there quick to 'photograph' it all, then tried a bit as it would have been rude not too!! My brother Roo Britten did one of the best men speeches which had us all in hysterics and the final photo shows what could have been if these 2 cousins had been any better friends!!!!

Simon couldn't contain his joy that they were married, beautiful!

The happy couple....?!

This was a very fun wedding...I knew the couple and took Lucy Smith as my assistant (click on her name throughout to see her website), the day was filled from start to finish with loads of fun and such peace. There were fireworks, sweets, a photo booth and much more to enjoy, finishing early in the morning!

A gorgeous image by my assistant Lucy Smith ...those final changes are made before the glowing bride walked in to her  beloved.

(I've been told the song runs out so I looked through and it's about here...hope you enjoyed it enough to play it once more!!!)

Another gorgeous image from my assistant Lucy Smith

As a photographer, that famous 'gust of wind' brings such joy when I see the images after the wedding!

A beautiful moment between Father of the Groom and his Grand daughter.

Tears during Father of the Bride speech - were they real or not?  I'll leave that for you to work out!

It's always funny following the bride and her friends into the toilets...this is where so much happens and details are discussed!!

...and make-up applied

..and MORE make-up applied!!

I had such fun with these cheeky bridesmaids, but they proved that day that they all ADORE their friend and bride Becky!

What a send off!!

This was a beautiful wedding set in a huge old church with a full congregation of people who turned out to see them get married. The service itself was filled with so much joy, tears and singing and when the page boy bought the rings up to gasps, it was clear to see why...their gorgeous little nephew did a fabulous job!

This definitely summed up the ceremony!

We were spoilt for choice in such beautiful locations.

This wasn't a wedding as such, but when Pippa revealed that she really wanted to wear their wedding outfits once more and create some beautiful couple shots, I was just too excited! We travelled to Formby beach near Liverpool and, even though it was very cold, the sky was beautiful making for some incredible shots.  They were the best models, and being only a year married, it wasn't hard getting them to kiss and hold each other on every possible occasion! 

I LOVE using props in my work..this chair takes pride of place in my home and looks equally gorgeous with a beautiful bride draped all over it! 

Kris suddenly shrunk with all the carrying he had to do...we thought we'd take advantage of this and get Pippa to pick him up!

This really does sum up the day for me...beautiful weather, gorgeous couple and lots of love and fun :D

Jake and Jemima are 2 of the most unassuming people you'll meet.  I'd been booked for the wedding after seeing me in action at another wedding, and our first meeting happened to be at a friend's house baking cakes and creating jewelry (Jemima was doing the more creative part jewelry!), I realised straight away that this was a girl who instantly welcomed people into her life and family, and she continued to do that right up until I left the wedding that evening. I keep in touch and follow her blog (she really is oh so creative!), and feel like I shared something incredibly special with them both! They are both quite young so had loads of friends at the party..this made for some silly photos in the studio which still make me smile half a year on!

Mother and sister of the bride fighting over the bouquet!!

Mum won, well done Hatty!!

I love these shots of the boys taken by assistant Lucy Smith

The guests really loved seeing Jake and Jemima not so tenderly sharing cake with each other, heehee!!!

I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite images from 2010...you can see some guest/photo booth images from weddings in the next blog I post...if you are having a wedding and want to book Lucy West Images, I would thoroughly recommend having a studio. It is so much fun on the night, and the images i capture are enjoyed by guests and Bride & Groom alike for a long time after!


  1. Lucy, some beautiful images! I really like the one of the couple by the tree at night - love the shadows. The cherish the dress shots are amazing. The lighting on them is brilliant and really captures the fun but classic beach style. The only downside was the track running out before I had viewed them all (I did have a good look though!). ha ha

  2. Beautiful pictures Lucy. You have a real eye for the shot, and the impact is fantastic. Really enjoyed looking at these - maybe I'll have to get married again!!!?? Zo

  3. Thanks for your comments, I've taken what you said on board Tom and added the song again halfway through...you're right, it was too short!!

    Lucy :0)