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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My favourite band images of 2010 (Click on the info by each artist to visit their website!)

Taking photos for bands/artists is one of my favourite things (actually, most things are my fav to photograph!). Band shoots however allow me to get a bit more creative with props/locations etc so it can really get the creative juices flowing!! The bands you see below are all people I know through my past life as a performer on the scene... (apart from Abby Scott below who is now a firm friend even though I've only known her long as the shoot!!) ...and I totally loved creating a look for their band or them as an artist, that they are using on album covers, posters, websites and other merchandise...very cool!

Gorgeous Abby Scott at her home...Abby Scott Music

In the northern Quarter of Manchester...taken in the middle of the day - the joys of digital cameras & flash lights!

Cake provided as props, and a late lunch, by Mike Jeans (contact details to follow)

Bebe Vox debut single!

Disco Kidz website

An exciting commission as this is my husband's band...I took the images and the magic and colour was added afterwards.  This was the album cover of the CD that I subsequently bought in HMV!!! You can read about them here  ...and here!  

Rob - drums

Nichola - singer

Nana - wingman..singer/rapper/dancer

Lindz - frontman..rapper/singer etc etc!!

Whistle Jacket - website coming soon!

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