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Monday, 20 February 2012


I have recently been to New Zealand with my band LZ7 (I am a singer as well as a photographer and LOVE the variety of getting to photograph so much whilst traveling!) While we were away on this trip, one of our band members and song writer extraordinaire Jorge Mhondera stayed at home because he & his beautiful wife Lucy were having their first daughter Savanna. My husband and I knew before the birth that we were going to be God parents, so couldn't wait to see her when we got back from New Zealand!! I pulled the camera out a couple of times and have fallen in love with this little bundle!!

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed our cuddles! :)

 I love the shot above, it shows Jorge's obvious faith through his tattoo which reads 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'

We took some in the evening before she went to bed, I love how much she is interacting with Lindz and copying his facial expressions, precious little girl x

Very proud God parents (excuse the jat lagged look!!) 

Finally, it was time for Savanna to go to bed so Jorgey swaddled her up to keep her warm and safe...she wasn't very appreciative at first hehe!! 

My favourite. Gorgeous savanna..I'm sure there will be plenty more beautiful photos to follow as she grows. x


  1. Ahhh, Lucy these are precious pictures, you've done a beautiful job! She is just adorable, and not really doing much for my 'trying not to be broody' phase... ;o)


  2. Lucy, fabulous pictures...love them!
    From one very proud MiMi x