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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Abby Scott

Manchester and Stourbridge were the 2 locations for these 2 very different photo shoots with singer/songwriter Abby Scott. Completely different locations (inner city and rolling countryside and secret gardens!), but I loved both! It ended up pouring down with rain in Manchester (what a surprise!!), and the sun was boiling in Stourbridge, but it gave us totally different looks/outcomes which is awesome when you want to tell the whole story. In Manchester we used loads of cakes as props which we then got to eat...yum! And in Stourbridge, myself and my lovely assistant Abi were spoiled by Abby and her husband Chris, and even got to listen to vocals being recorded right there in the studio (I'm a singer too so I was in heaven). Here are a couple of shots I fell in love with from the 2 days...it was hard to choose because Abby just threw herself into it and looks so beautiful in so many!

All in all, an amazing assignment...I LOVE my job!!

(Click on the title to view Abby's facebook page and find out more about her new album)

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