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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trade the Dress...Lucy Smith wedding dress

Lucy Smith and Jane Sullivan have an incredible new initiative called 'Trade the Dress' where individuals and shops are able to donate their wedding dresses, which will then be shipped over to Uganda to be hired out at a very good rate to brides over there. It's an incredible initiative that has drawn a huge response already! To start the ball rolling and to get some promotional shots, Lucy and I went out with her dress (which she donated personally), and took some photos in Castlefield, Manchester. It was about -5 degrees and Lucy did an incredible job at hiding the goose pimples!! I think you'll agree, she looks amazing!

The beautiful arches in Castlefield made an impressive backdrop!

Someone described this as a lonely bride who'd been left at the alter with only her shadow for company...bit sad :0(

...the beautiful ice Princess!

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  1. Maybe you could put a link to the Trade The Dress website? I was looking for it, but couldn't rememeber the name and it's really hard to find* via google. Love the shots btw :)

    *(I typed in Wedding Dress Manchester Uganda and Photoshoot and still couldn't find it, so I typed that into images as I rememebered what the pictures looked like, which is how I came across your site)